Introducing the world’s first Asset Relationship Management System

OpenPlay Music is the world's leading asset relationship management system — it bridges the gap between content creation, metadata management, distribution, and metrics.

Simplified Workflow

Coupling of an intuitive interface with an extremely powerful enterprise toolset places OpenPlay Music in a class of its own. Centralization and simplicity in user experience enables faster turnaround of releases with lower headcount.

Monitor Performance

Track content distribution and engagement in one place. Third party statistics are integrated with OpenPlay Music’s analytics for a deeper understanding of sales performance.

Engage Fans

Integrate directly with social media services like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube to connect with each artist’s audiences, discover trends, and inform sales efforts.

Mobile Ready

  • Instant and highly secure access to your media, meta-data, and metrics where and when you need it.
  • Quickly find that track, album, or playlist.
  • Share assets with colleagues and customers with a few taps.
  • Available for the most popular mobile ecosystems.

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